Entirely new academic discipline

Nanotechnology is a cross-disciplinary research field, and human resources to contribute its advancement are urgently required. Waseda University has many researchers and educators who profess nanotechnology and actively lead their naraestablished as an interdisciplinary major field that traverses the boundaries of the traditional fields of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, backed by the foundation of the Centre-of-Excellence (COE) programs and Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechhnology. That is a powerful system to lead the global trend by advancing research and education in nanoscience and nanoengieering

The Department of Nanoscience and Nanoengieering belongs to the Graduate school of Advanced Science and Technology in Waseda University. The graduate school comprises two types of departments: individual departments related to corresponding branches in the undergraduate school, and interdisciplinary departments related to multiple fields. The Department of Nanoscience and Nanoengieering is categorized into the latter type. Because of its open and interdisciplinary character, this department accepts not only graduates of Waseda University, but also students from other universities, students experienced in business, and so on. We are currently promoting education and researches aimed at development of nanotechnology by linking organically multiple subjects, such as electrical engineering, chemistry, physics, bioscience, material engineering, andmechanical engineering.

After receiving basic education in the various disciplines during undergraduate studies, students can go on to this departmentupon evaluation of their abilities in original disciplines. On the basis of extensive knowledge and clear background, students can then study nanoscience and nanotechnology from a variety of perspectives in the new environment. Further, they can participate in innovative advanced research using a full range of facilities under the direction of experienced advisors. Students can present their own research results in domestic and international conferences, discuss with top runner researchers from around the world, and publish papers in international journals. The students will eventually become well-equipped to apply nanotechnology to create new industries, and at the same time contribute develop new academic field.